Social Media Blue Ocean Strategy

BOS Idea; Social Media Applications and Blue Ocean Strategy


Blue Ocean Strategy ( BOS ) is one of the most interesting business & management strategies I’ve learnt so far.

It’s highly related on innovation and the spirit of Blue Ocean Strategy is very much similar and related to Entrepreneurship. Knowing BOS is indeed eye-opening for entrepreneurs.

What I have studied and figured out the benefits of “Four Exciting Technologies” in creating Blue Ocean Strategy; The techs are:

– Cloud Computing

– Big Data

– Open Source Software

– Social Media Applications

The Idea of Blue Ocean Strategy & the FOUR technology is freshly presented in a 30 minutes presentation and I’m pleased to share some of the slides with you via the following Slideshare link.


Please do not hesitate to share your comments & ideas with me.

GoDaddy Stopped Sanctions Against #Iran

More than a year back I wrote a post to reveal how Godaddy has restricted its web servers in a way they are not reachable from Iran, and It was considered as a part of sanctions against Iran and Iranians.

Today I’m truly glad to receive a confirmation via Twitter that GoDaddy has stopped these restrictions.

I thank Godaddy, specially for announcing this update publicly.

I also thank Collin D Anderson ( @CDA )  and NIAC (@NIACouncil) for following the updates about the sanctions and internet restrictions all along.

People started to Buy WordPress School Perks

I’m very exited that people have started to buy WordPress school Perks at Indiegogo.

WordPress School ( WPSchool ) is the first massive open online course(MOOC) that will Start Up on Feb/14/2014.

The site will be dedicated to WordPress education and online courses in different languages for all the people anywhere in the World.

I appreciate all the great people who support this StartUp. This project is now on CrowdFunding stage  and needs the small amounts to make a big impacts.

Watch The Story of WordPress School:

Please Support this StartUp on Indiegogo

Google Helpouts Mentors Community and Blog

Here it is: A GooglePlus Community for Google Helpouts that I’ve just created upon launching Google Helpouts that gives individual experts, teachers and mentors to sell their expertise and advice via a video chat service provided by Google.


One more thing; There is also “Helpouts Plus”  a dedicated Google Helpouts Blog covering news, updates and discussions about Google Helpouts.

If you are interested to share your ideas via the “Helpouts Plus” blog or participate in managing the Helpouts community by becoming an admin, Please visit this page and drop me a line.