I’m obsessed over that 83% of the web that we don’t have yet!

Matt Mullenweg founder of WordPress shares many untold story about WordPress and Automattic.

According to the latest analysis WordPress now powers 21.2% of the content that is published on the web.


How US using Social Media in Public Diplomacy

USA, Department of State; Social Media structure, strategies, achievements, stats, stories and future plans.

In a 90 Min talk with senior “Social Media Diplomats” who lead  the social media team.


Public Diplomacy in the Age of Social Media

How does social media change how statecraft is practiced in the 21st century? Who’s participating and why? What have been some lessons learned from the pioneers who have logged on to listen and engage? During this event, three representatives from the U.S. Department of State shared case studies and professional experiences gleaned directly from the virtual trenches. Alexander Howard, Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O’Reilly Media, moderated.

On Twitter? Follow this event’s updates from @NewAmericaOTI by searching for #SMWdiplomacy.


Featured Speakers:
Suzanne Hall (@SuzKPH)
Senior Advisor, Innovation in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
U.S. Department of State

Nick Namba (@nicholasnamba)
Acting Deputy Coordinator for Content Development and Partnerships
U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Program

Ed Dunn (@EdAndDunn)
Acting Director
U.S. Department of State’s Digital Communications Center

Alexander Howard (@digiphile)
Washington Correspondent
Government 2.0

This is the full video of this live event.

Absolute Social Media Trends of 2013

Well, as usual end of each year people and media have started to reveal their thoughts and forecasts about trends of each and every thing you can think about. Today for example Time magazine wrote an article highlighting  bacon as kinda everlasting Trend.

Social Media Outposts

The point is that the trending trends, is such an obsession that drives Time’s author write about  bacon trendy thing.

Any how here is the result of my digging on the social media; here I announce 1st set of hot trends in social media for next year.

Social Media Trends in 2013:


Live Video:

– Online video dose fly limitlessly while youtube is the super power of the tubes, we will have more tendency towards the online live streaming from both users and the media. Wait and see how TV industry is transforming itself  to change the loosing market share and audience attention.

Bye to Print media:

– Will see more printed media being forced to change,  as Newsweek just did.

Online Privacy turns to social privacy

– Online Privacy will become more debating and lots of stories about privacy breach will become hot headlines of different media, But after all I am sticking to my idea about online privacy  I see it as “social privacy” after all there is no much privacy  but the share of us in lack of privacy is equal there for I guess gradually people get less sensitive about their privacy. And we are released from oftenly  reading and listening how Facebook is blamed for the divorce cases in Great Britain.

Rise of new currencies:

– Online currencies will see starting a book as the traditional monetary system and bankers are too old to participate in social games and marathons.

Personal Branding is the Biggest Boom

– Biggest trend in 2013 social media is branding and particularly social branding, social media give individual enterprise class tools for PR , so these ideas of social branding which have started from 2009 are mature enough to create the major move of the coming year, among big social networks I guess the luckyest maybe LinkedIn and least prepared is Facebook to entertain Social Branding boom.


To Be Continued.





Social Media extremely mind blowing stats Oct. 2012

In last 7 days:

Number of Facebook Users in São Tomé and Príncipe ( a small country with 163000 population) became more than double by 113% growth.

In Youtube; Number of PSY channel ( related to a Korean Singer) has exceeded 1 million views per day. PSY had 85.6 million video view during last week, Followed by RedBull 70.8 millions and Justin Bieber Channel with 56.3 millions view views.

In last 30 Days

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