Bing Challenges “Google Authorship” via Klout Expert?

Klout is a tool to measure and compare the influence of people and brand across social media, By insisting on the trend of influence Klout is getting more popular day by day.

Klout is launching “Klout Expert” as its latest feature. Basically, Klout expert is a Q&A platform. Klout shows questions to the users based on their skills or “Klout Topics” and users have to answer the questions. “Klout Expert” provides users a chance to show their expertise in their favorite topics. The feature also gives Klout many benefits such as: free and fresh content, engaging more users and transforms Klout to be a professional social network.

Klout Expert Q&A

Screenshot shows a Question and answer on “Klout Expert”.


It’s a while that Klout shows questions in the users dashboard and I’ve also answered some of the questions, thinking it’s just a Q&A forum kind of feature. But I’ve got so curious when I saw the screenshot that Klout published in a blog post.

Klout Blog announcement

Klout blog post says:”Starting today, an initial set of Klout Experts answers are being delivered on Bing. Influencers who take part in Klout Experts will have the opportunity to have their answers seen by millions of people using Bing search every day.”

I am certain something is going on, If Bing wants to index a webpage in a regular manner there is no need for such an announcement, The screenshot above, clearly reminds “Google Authorship” showing a thumbnail of the author is an innovation by Google. But through the same blog post, Klout add something more interesting yet mysterious:”Influence is created by the expertise we have, the way we share it and the impact it has on others. Today we are taking a big step by moving from just measuring that influence to actually helping every person maximize the impact they have on the world.”

Klout never mentions the term ” Authorship” or a synonym through the blog post. While Klout Expert is not fully launched and  most of the questions and answers on Klout Expert, yet are not indexed on Bing I did a small research and amazingly find out Bing delivers search results based on Klout Score of the authors!

Klout score ranking

This is a game changing concept, for the first time in the history of SEO instead of SEO rules and elements a search engine using “social influence” as the most decisive factor to rank the search results.


What if using Klout score to rank the search result goes beyond the Klout Q&A?

Imagine Bing and Klout define their own peace of authorship standard, instead or in addition to  rel=”authorship” webmasters can add rel=”influence” to their webpages! If this theory is implemented the level of change and transformations is nothing but a social revolution against classic SEO. The results are unpredictable, feel free to imagine endless possibilities.