GoDaddy Stopped Sanctions Against #Iran

More than a year back I wrote a post to reveal how Godaddy has restricted its web servers in a way they are not reachable from Iran, and It was considered as a part of sanctions against Iran and Iranians.

Today I’m truly glad to receive a confirmation via Twitter that GoDaddy has stopped these restrictions.

I thank Godaddy, specially for announcing this update publicly.

I also thank Collin D Anderson ( @CDA )  and NIAC (@NIACouncil) for following the updates about the sanctions and internet restrictions all along.

King or Lamb training Cover

Why The King or Lamb is an Authorship Course and not a Book?

Only a couple of weeks before launching the King or Lamb, I would like to share few reasons that why I created this course while a part of my target audience who are writers and authors are more likely to read books instead of discovering via an online course?

What is the King or Lamb course all about?

The course contains a collection of different knowledge, measures and practices to help content creators and authors protect their royalty, authorship, social reputation and copyright while they create a self-sustaining influence.

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The King or Lamb Copyright & Authorship Course includes:

  • Legal Information specific to the online content and new concepts of IP, it also teaches easy technical measures for making your content synchronized with the web and mobile and amplify your word through social media.
  • The course also helps the content creators to attach a set of valid digital mark ups and authorship tags to their content in order to prevent content theft and to minimize the risk of any copyright claims against them.
  • It is an online course including information related to copyright laws(General and DMCA) , web editorial, SEO, Social Media Applications, Microformats, Feed and content syndication, yet all the interested participants including writers, editors, journalists, bloggers and marketers can easily take this course without any technical or programming background.More details about this course.

Back to the Post Title:

The King or Lamb is important to me, because its my first course being launched as a part of “Social Privacy” project. Through this project in next few month I’m going to launch a set of unique and practical courses targeting topics such as Authorship, Social Influence, Web Applications and Tutorials etc.

Since I believe our generation is the first generation ever that faces the effects and impacts of Internet, the social web and a new way of communication. We need to use the same technology to learn and get adapted to all the frequent changes and to obtain all the necessary knowledge we need.

After over ten years experience of practicing business online, creating and establishing different online and printed media and over 40 websites, during the last two years I was somehow forced to do nothing else and dedicate all my time learning and trying every site, tool, apps and information I could find and track about social media, its applications and impacts.

I had few options in the ways that I could practice, share and utilize what I learned through out the years. First choice is to launch one or more projects to become a start-up, second option was to publish a book, the third option was to teach. Sharing as a hint; getting a job and employment has never been an option for me.

I did not write a book because a book in general is a media that’s been created back in the ancient history soon after the stone age, and it’s been the best way of sharing knowledge and thoughts throughout the history, let me remark it again “the History”, How about now?

 Books are still an applicable form of sharing knowledge in many fields, in my opinion writing a book about social media would only be an effort for documenting  what’s happened during the first decade of the social web.

Any book including some common eBook formats are soon getting out of date and less useful, and they only contain text and images, it’s not really a proper way to share knowledge and specially tutorials about the sites, systems, apps and every other thing which is constantly changes and evolves.

As an example that’s familiar for most of the internet users, look at all the changes happen in Facebook, There are about 300 bugs being tracked and resolved every week ¹, no season passes without a major change in Facebook’s layout, privacy policy, user interface, fan pages, API etc. For other sites, apps and tools the story is the same or they have even more changes, how I’m supposed to write and publish a book and my readers can rely on it practically?

I had deep research on different methods, platforms and formats for publishing or self-publishing books and eBooks, I’ve written few articles about “How To” & methods of publishing books I may even launch a course sharing my approach to creating and marketing eBooks and publications methods, but honestly I don’t see a way that a book can be used to teach many things related to social media and its applications.

Yet there are many people who are adopted to books more than recent information canvases, so writing and publishing a book about social web or apps may be commercially feasible but can’t be the best practice, technically.

I did not choose to launch a start-up mostly because where I’m located, start-up founders or angel investors, and the necessary legal framework don’t exists. Yet instead of launching a project with high development cost I decided to launch a start-up with few different cross-related products and services and a deep focus on education because I love it, and the rapid growth of internet users and their needs makes me feel it’s never too late to start.

Yet the courses that are being offered are designed in a way that regular updates are possible with less time and resource and despite many book formats, the courses contain both multi-media and interacting sections. The online courses can contain more information and learning tools in compare with books and the course itself is a socializing platform with all the benefits of social learning.

Well, based on all I shared above the King or Lamb is important to me, there are few more points about the King or Lamb and other plans that I’ll write in next posts.

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1. Source: Facebook’s weekly developers newsletters report change logs and resolved issues, and the number of bugs and resolved issues, is usually about 300 per week.

The “King or Lamb” Online Authorship Course

The “King or Lamb” is an ultimate authorship online training course.

It contains a collection of different knowledge, measures and practices to help authors protect their royalty, authorship, social reputation, copyrights and creates a self-sustain influence.

Course includes: Legal Information specific to online content and new concepts of IP, it also teaches easy technical measures for making your content synchronized with social media, getting your sites and blog Google Friendly so your content get indeed instantly in Google search results. the course helps the content creators to attach valid digital mark ups to their content to prevent content theft and stop any copyrights claims against them.
It is an online course and any writer, editor, journalist, blogger or marketer can easily  benefit from this course.

*This is a pre beta video introduction. The course will be launched on Dec 15th 2013

How US using Social Media in Public Diplomacy

USA, Department of State; Social Media structure, strategies, achievements, stats, stories and future plans.

In a 90 Min talk with senior “Social Media Diplomats” who lead  the social media team.


Public Diplomacy in the Age of Social Media

How does social media change how statecraft is practiced in the 21st century? Who’s participating and why? What have been some lessons learned from the pioneers who have logged on to listen and engage? During this event, three representatives from the U.S. Department of State shared case studies and professional experiences gleaned directly from the virtual trenches. Alexander Howard, Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O’Reilly Media, moderated.

On Twitter? Follow this event’s updates from @NewAmericaOTI by searching for #SMWdiplomacy.


Featured Speakers:
Suzanne Hall (@SuzKPH)
Senior Advisor, Innovation in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
U.S. Department of State

Nick Namba (@nicholasnamba)
Acting Deputy Coordinator for Content Development and Partnerships
U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Program

Ed Dunn (@EdAndDunn)
Acting Director
U.S. Department of State’s Digital Communications Center

Alexander Howard (@digiphile)
Washington Correspondent
Government 2.0

This is the full video of this live event.