Clipular; the best Screen Capture App you’ll find Free

I’ve been using almost any screen capture tool you can name, For me screen capturing whether still images, screen shots or screen video recorders are the things I can’t live without.

My top choices have always been Snagit for capturing and editing screen images, and Catmasia Studio for recording and editing the screen videos and tutorials.

Both Snagit and Catmasia Studio are developed by TechSmith and both are carrying the highest price tag among all the similar tools. On my view, in fact there is nothing close to them when it comes to usability and reliability. But still, it’s not reasonable for most of the users to pay 50$ per year for a still image,  screen capture tool or 300$ per year for a video capture tool.

Even though I tried all the available tools, I’m not satisfied with any of them in a way to mention them here, but few days back I discovered “Clipular” a Google Chrome Add-on that’s been launched only a few month back.

Clipular is really cool, easy to use, solid, neat and FREE.

It lets you quickly and accurately select and capture any webpage via the Google Chrome.

You can organize and share or save your captures in a very smart and access-able way. You can also edit your captures using great Aviary toolkit from within the Clipular.

When we only consider capturing Clipular is even better than the SnagIt, Not to forget SnagIt is a Windows(or Mac) application and naturally it is usable in all the windows, browsers and many desktop native apps, but Clipular currently is usable only on Google Chrome. SnagIt offers much more options and features for editing the images.

Discover the Clipular  hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Clipular! Screen capture reinvented. Screenshots collected..clipular

Symbaloo an iGoogle alternative better than iGoogle?

Were you using iGoogle mainly to keep track of the latest headlines? Then you are going to LOVE Symbaloo as iGoogle alternative!

iGoogle alternative symbaloo

iGoogle alternative symbaloo

Symbaloo is a visual way for you to link to your favorite online news sources and sites and therefore the best iGoogle alternative. You can save any link along with an image, to a tile on Symbaloo so that you can easily find it later.

With Symbaloo it is easy to create your own personal Internet “webmix”. You can rearrange the Symbaloo tiles at your own preference and easily add current news sources. Symbaloo can be used by diffrent devices and gadgets as well.

Google Helpouts Mentors Community and Blog

Here it is: A GooglePlus Community for Google Helpouts that I’ve just created upon launching Google Helpouts that gives individual experts, teachers and mentors to sell their expertise and advice via a video chat service provided by Google.


One more thing; There is also “Helpouts Plus”  a dedicated Google Helpouts Blog covering news, updates and discussions about Google Helpouts.

If you are interested to share your ideas via the “Helpouts Plus” blog or participate in managing the Helpouts community by becoming an admin, Please visit this page and drop me a line.

Google Stopped Blogging with WordPress after I Post about it

Few month back I’ve noticed and revealed that as a rare exception Google using WordPress for blogging on Wildfire (one of its services). Only few weeks after I published the story on my blog, Google stopped using WordPress for Wildfire and switched from WordPress to Blogspot (Blogger).

The story began when I was researching to write a post about most successful CEOs who use WordPress to power their corporate’s sites and blogs and then I published Even The World’s Sexiest CEOs Love WordPress on 2013/19/04. One of the CEOs that I introduced, is Victoria Ransom CEO of Wildfire (by Google).

I was Surprised that a Google service is using WordPress even though Wildfire was not created by Google but Google had acquired in middle of 2012 about a year before I write my post highlighting Wildfire is using WordPress. After publishing the CEOs post I thought the fact that Google is using WordPress, worth to be published in a dedicated post; therefore I Wrote Finally Google Used WordPress for Blogging on 2013/19/04. By the time I wrote the second post mentioning Google is using WordPress the Wildfire blog was hosted on “” and it was looking like the below image:

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog
The Screen Shot of on 30th April 2013 As it also
reachable via

Both stories have been re-shared tens on times on different social networks, Most probably big guys in the Big G heard the story and did not like it, Today I noticed the change when I was looking for something in Wildfire Blog. They’ve switched from their original and slick WordPress blog to a minimal Blogger theme. I’ve checked the “Web Archive” the below images shows the switching happened on Sep. 19, 2013.

Wildfire wordpress blogspot

Internet Archive or Way Back Machine shows a switching from WordPress to Blogspot along with a URL redirect from to, Source:

I’m curious why Google hasn’t claim a mention at Guinness World Records when it might be the first time in the history of World Wide Web that someone  switched from WordPress to Blogger.

Honestly, I was hopeful after reading my posts the other guys in Google take the chance and upgrade all their blogs to WordPress, yet I guess I wouldn’t publish the story if I knew Google will react by forcing Wildfire team to use Blogger, because I’m sure now all the guys in Wildfire team who can’t enjoy blogging with WordPress will put a blame on me for publicizing the story.

ADD View Klout Score Twitter Timeline

How to add Klout Score to Twitter

By default Twitter is not providing any widget or area that users can show their Klout Score. While Klout is being popular as a standard for influence there might be many reasons for a user to find out the Klout Score of other Twitter users on the fly.

Normally when we want to see somebody’s Klout Score we have to search the name or Twitter Handle on hand it takes lots of time.

But you can use a simple app to get the Klout Scores of the users on the fly on Twitter.

Klout Score on Twitter

Screenshot: View Klout Scores on Twitter

To see all the Klout Scores on Twitter you need to add the following extensions to your Firefox or Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome Extention

FireFox Extention