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How to Download & Paste a Metallic Set of #IconFonts on Your Wall?

I was just watching the ThinkTank HangOut  that WPthintank has organised and  Amazingly find out Matt Mullenweg has pasted a set of  metallic IconFonts on his wall 🙂

Matt Mullenweg Icon Font FontAwesome

At the first sight I thought the Icons are by FontAwesome then but with a closer look I realize the number of icons is much less than the FontAwesome collection, My second guess was that Matt has download the IconFonts from Genericons which is a recent Automattic Portrayal. Well they are, The icons on the wall behind Matt are identically looking like Genericons!

genericons iconfont wordpress

Watch the very good conversation about future and applications of WordPress:

FINALLY, a Solar-Powered Cigarette Lighter


Smokers, prepare to look even cooler than normal when you’re smoking.

Instead of lighting your smoke with a namby-pamby Bic or a holier-than-thou Zippo, you could be harnessing the power of the sun! Imagine its rays streaking toward Earth like a comet trying to catch a bus, collecting in a momentous joyfulness on a small, reflective dish – that dish attached to a weird springy, coily thing that itself is attached to your unlit cigarette.

Moments later…

*WHOOSH!!!* Your cigarette blazes to life with a quick whiff of burning tobacco leaves, the heat soon drawn into your lungs although the entire process feels like an eternity. And moments later – again, an eternity – the sweet coursing of nicotine surges through your bloodstream like a lawn dart with a chip on its shoulder, leaving you with the strength and dexterity of a dozen non-smoking mortals.

Five minutes later:…

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