7 thoughts on “Characteristics of an Advanced WordPress Theme in 2014

    • Thank you for your comment, Having a set of outgoing links at the footer or worse at the header of all the pages of a site means thousands of “DoFollow” links to the social networks which have a higher page rank and link authority, and it brings no benefit whatsoever, yet it reduces the rank of your site in compare with your social profiles and the similar social profiles within each network. In fact we need to find a reason to say why an outgoing link is “DoFollow” when the links return from social networks are “NoFollow”, Links in FB, Twitter, Qura, Yahoo answers, LinkedIn, Youtube etc are all NoFollow, That’s is one of the reasons of supremacy of the networks in SERP.

  1. Under “Responsive” I would like to add that theme developers should start taking mobile data plans into consideration. Therefore hiding (large) images for smaller viewports is not enough, I think they should proactively resize images and serve *only* these resized images based on the device.

    I like the idea of including a child theme (with instructions) by default. That would also be a great improvement for the default WordPress themes!

    • Thanks Piet, lets also hope data plans go cheaper, Now resizing image in the thems is a trend but not to save on data plans but to deliver a higher quality for retina displays, that means a higher usage cost of the data in some devices such as the new i Pad

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  3. WordPress websites has great values from bloggers and small businesses point of view because there are plenty of plugins available for optimization of these websites. Some people look for best such theme which help visitors to stay on website for long time and get top position quickly. You describe comprehensively the characteristics of an advanced WordPress theme according to latest search engines policies.

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