Clipular; the best Screen Capture App you’ll find Free

I’ve been using almost any screen capture tool you can name, For me screen capturing whether still images, screen shots or screen video recorders are the things I can’t live without.

My top choices have always been Snagit for capturing and editing screen images, and Catmasia Studio for recording and editing the screen videos and tutorials.

Both Snagit and Catmasia Studio are developed by TechSmith and both are carrying the highest price tag among all the similar tools. On my view, in fact there is nothing close to them when it comes to usability and reliability. But still, it’s not reasonable for most of the users to pay 50$ per year for a still image,  screen capture tool or 300$ per year for a video capture tool.

Even though I tried all the available tools, I’m not satisfied with any of them in a way to mention them here, but few days back I discovered “Clipular” a Google Chrome Add-on that’s been launched only a few month back.

Clipular is really cool, easy to use, solid, neat and FREE.

It lets you quickly and accurately select and capture any webpage via the Google Chrome.

You can organize and share or save your captures in a very smart and access-able way. You can also edit your captures using great Aviary toolkit from within the Clipular.

When we only consider capturing Clipular is even better than the SnagIt, Not to forget SnagIt is a Windows(or Mac) application and naturally it is usable in all the windows, browsers and many desktop native apps, but Clipular currently is usable only on Google Chrome. SnagIt offers much more options and features for editing the images.

Discover the Clipular  hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Clipular! Screen capture reinvented. Screenshots collected..clipular


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