100 Days #SocialMedia Q&A on Twitter

Starting from today September 18th 2013 , for the next 100 days until December 16th 2013, I am going to answer all the questions about social media and related issues on my Twitter.

I expect to answer up to 240 questions per day, I expect to send 12000 tweets during this period.

You can ask questions by either of these two methods:

1.By using any of the following HashTags: #SocialMedia #WordPress #Somia (somia can be used as an abbreviation for social media) and include no link in your tweet so I will find your question and 1st retweet and later reply it.

2. By mentioning my handle @pooriast; Although I’m trying my best not to miss any question via the HasTags, using the mention almost guarantee my response.


I decided to do this Q&A as a sign of friendship and yet it helps me to find out where I need to learn better and what are the most important and most common challenges for social media users.

I hopefully will be able to give answers regarding the following topics and issues:

Social Media as a general topic, Social Media applications in Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Market and/or public opinion surveys and analysis, Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Apps and Integrations, Twitter Apps, Instagram endless possibilities in PR, Marketing and Content Creation, WordPress as a full scale web applications canvas, Web and Social Analytics, CRMs and other SAAS business applications, Webmaster Tools both Bing and Google, GeoLocation and Geo-Tagging, Data Structure, Micro Formats, Schema, Taxonomies, SiteMaps, Feeds and all the related HowTOs, tips, tricks, mash ups, interrelations, Authorship, Influence, Klout, Content protection, Online Copyrights, DMCA, plagiarism monitoring  etc.

Please feel free to join this Q&A, share you ideas and express your opinions, your participation at any kind is deeply appreciated.



– No Affiliation Guranteed; Through this Q & A, Neither of my suggestions and recommendations are meant to advertise or promote any particular beneficiary, Nor my links and referrals to different sites and apps are because of financial gain, I have a restrict policy against using any kind of affiliation links in this blog and my Tweets, My suggestions are only based on my best knowledge and experience.

– No Obligation, I accept no obligation about any possible lost or suffer that might appear to those who follow my advice.

– I might be wrong.

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