Finally Google used WordPress for Blogging

Traditionally all the Google services have been using Blogger as their blogging platform. It seems things have changed recently.

Few weeks back I was looking at “Business Insider” list of sexiest CEOs alive to find out Those CEOs who use WrodPress to power their corporate sites and blogs.

Surprisingly, I’ve found out that Victoria Ransom CEO of Wildfire (by Google) is using WordPress at their corporate blog, hosted on .

Victoria Ransom CEO of Wildfire (by Google)

Victoria Ransom CEO of Wildfire (by Google)

Wildfire is a Social Media Marketing Software that has been acquired by Google in July 2012. As a unique exception it seems Victoria Ransom and her team could by pass Google’s Blogger policy and so far Wildfire team have kept publishing their blog on a WordPress self-hosted install.

I’m not sure if we can take the Wildfire exceptional case as a sign of change towards Google’s Blogger policy, but for sure it’s a sign to show leading start ups such as Wildfire would make many right decisions to rise up and one of the best decisions is to use WordPress.

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