How to get A 9/10 GooglePageRank; A revealing case study

How Mailchimp Got an Extraordinary “9 Google Page Rank” ?

Few days back, I was visiting, a popular newsletter subscription & delivery service, I noticed an extraordinary achievement in its Google Page Rank, I decided to write about the SEO factors and reasons, Which make  Mailchimp achieve such a brilliant result.

I would like to mention that this post is not a full SEO analytics but it is a brief case study, there are 2 major types of SEO analytics those which are being done automatically via using analytical softwares and those reports, which being created by a human author. Anyhow in this post I reveal three major tactics that Mailchimp has used to get to the peak. If you like to learn more about Mailchimp SEO status, along with this post please  review Mailchimp SEO reports on Woorank and Webrankstats.


Three Successful SEO Tactics Adopted by Mailchimp

1- Free “link building” via subscription widgets:

Mailchimp benefits from millions of links all over the internet by adding its link to the subscription widgets at the sidebar of sites and blogs. the image, below shows a sample of this widgets:


2- API and Integrations

Mailchip is offering a powerful API and there are plenty of integration add-ons and plugins. These add-ons make it easy for developers, webmasters and IT managers to use Mailchimp services in their websites and apps, for Mailchimp the instant benefit of such integrations is  obviously more positive figures in sales. Yet there is an unseen ( or not very obvious) side benefit, which is a huge and massive link building in multi-platform applications.

3- The Golden Key

Mailchimp offers a newsletters archive to its clients these archives contain millions of out going links,  on  one hand these archives are not hosted on domian, on the other hand these archives are containing link to

The Golden benefit of these archives, is a massive content creation without spending a single penny.

The content is being created by Mailchimp clients and Mailchimp has its link in such a huge and resourceful ocean of content; the content which is being update automatically and regularly and it’s related to any possible topic you can imagine. So on the eyes of crawlers Mailchip has associated its domain with each and every topic on the web. This is a very influensive SEO advantage for a site, to be associated to many topics, As you know the value of a link is related to the topic on the content, A link to a technical website from a fashion blog has less value than a link to a technical website from a technical blog.

In other words imagine a site like , its age is almost as old as World Wide Web, the Yahoo News and Yahoo Services along with all other Yahoo services have created and published millions of webpages with fresh content yet Yahoo’s Google Page Rank is also 9. Mailchimp is getting super benefit of a huge volume of content for FREE.

arcive mailchimp

And yes, Mailchimp competitors are also providing archives but they:

– Might have started offering archive later than Mailchimp.

– Are not having a good domain strategy to host the archives.

– Might lacking a good branding strategy( As I explained briefly here, SEO is a part of branding)

The above items are the major SEO factors of Mailchimp SEO mission, and I think such tactics are not being thought in most of SEO articles or books. Some of these tactics even maybe considered unplanned, for example when Mailchimp decided to host archives on other domains they might had other priorities on their agenda but success can’t be all accidental, They have done just great.

As I am talking about Mailchimp and I am familiar with CRM concept and CRM applications, I like to add few more words irrelevant to SEO, Mailchip is a newsletter service and nothing more. I read on some blogs Mailchimp being introduced as a CRM application, which is not a correct naming. Mailchimp is not a CRM neither in application nor in service.

On the application:

At the best consideration Mailchimp can be inserted in a CRM solution as a module for mailing list subscription and newsletter management as it’s designed for such functions; In my opinion a proper CRM needs at least 15 more modules to be called CRM.

On the service;

Although Mailchimp technically is as good as many other similar newsletter tools, I have had a devastating experience by their support team which caused a vital campaign gets failed due to waste of time by Mailchimp support team. I hope they improve their support by using a good CRM system in order to make their support as good as their branding and SEO.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and @pooriast

P.S. : Non of my posts in this blog is written for article marketing and neither of the links are affiliated. What I write is what I know, think, feel, experience and like to share.

7 thoughts on “How to get A 9/10 GooglePageRank; A revealing case study

  1. It just took a little strategy and foresight to pull these results off. Well done MailChimp! Its also worth mentioning MailChimp’s resources list: These whitepapers, videos and more are well designed and highly sharable and make for great link-building materials.

  2. Its a good example of smart work, instead of doing plenty of activities, few activities which handled cleverly give better result to the website.

  3. Getting to PR 9 is really an achievments.
    I know some PR strategies that can lead to 5-6 PR’s but anything above that is getting my applause.
    The power of the ammount of links that they get is unbelivable and they are truly a case where they show how to use every metric they can get into this SEO effort.

    Great job.

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