Social Media Applications in Education

Mobile Phone Application & Software Developer ...

Mobile Phone Application & Software Developer Bootcamp (Photo credit: Wayan Vota)

To utilize social media solutions in education, as far as I realized there are 3 major fields that we can somehow utilize internet applications:

Social Media Week 2012 SP

Social Media Week 2012 SP (Photo credit: Fora do Eixo)

-First is to take advantage of new media solutions in marketing for educational institutions I believe social media applications bring an outcome of marketing results with minimum 7 times more ROI than any other style of marketing. What makes people so interested in social media applications is the integration We can design everything, here and there to be integrated. From market awareness to lead generation, sales, and support services. Social media apps are meant to carry lots of chances in a way that we gain long-lasting loyalty marketing benefits.

– The second application of social media is educational content creation. In any social media solution content is the king, programs and applications are useless lines of codes without social participation.
Attractive content generates participation, great content is the major cause of creating attractions and distinctions for any brand, course etc. When it comes to content creation, social media is a limitless platform.

We need to notice that despite all the progress humans had in every field of science and technology most of educational institutions are still using printed books as the main medium to present content to the students and the classrooms have not transformed, Today’s classrooms are still same as the classrooms of 16th century, perhaps airconditioning and lighting is the only difference.

While in many countries students are blessed to have smartphones and tablet computers in their pockets it’s very reasonable to create and use more resourceful contents. Let me highlight the fact that social media solutions are certainly cheaper than traditional books. Now we can create best tutorial presentations and videos for a very small charge or completely free, the only resources we need are vision, knowledge idea and time.

– The third application of social media is in course management, Here I am not talking only about attendance software and similar matters. The whole learning process will be different if we utilize social media in education, properly.
Think how Facebook or twitter have transformed human communications, through the concepts such as like, share, influence, follow, commenting etc. Now imagine we get such concepts in our elearning portal , all customized and modified for educational proposes. Such platforms will have: Students and teachers dashboards, Class Dashboard, Courses / Curriculum, Lectures, Bibliography, Assignments and evaluations, Schedules and calendars which are integrated with outlook, google calendar or iCal and so on.

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