Social Media extremely mind blowing stats Oct. 2012

In last 7 days:

Number of Facebook Users in São Tomé and Príncipe ( a small country with 163000 population) became more than double by 113% growth.

In Youtube; Number of PSY channel ( related to a Korean Singer) has exceeded 1 million views per day. PSY had 85.6 million video view during last week, Followed by RedBull 70.8 millions and Justin Bieber Channel with 56.3 millions view views.

In last 30 Days

Number of Facebook Users in South Korea reached 9,449,000 which proves an amazing growth of 113.82% only in 30 days.

But a social mystery has happened in American Samoa; this small country with only 50000 population experienced a -64.2% change in number of Facebook Users;  There are now only 160 Facebook Users in American Samoa which is 287 less what it was, a month back. what might cause such massive drop ( in compare with the population)?

I stop here. yet, I bet tens of shocking or mysterious figures shall be discovered if we keep refining the  social media data; honestly it takes huge amount of processing power out of a brain if you spend thinking about these outstanding statistics.

note: statistics driven from SocialBakers

4 thoughts on “Social Media extremely mind blowing stats Oct. 2012

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of views. Great stuff. We’re big fans of large social media numbers. And where I’m from, we take pride on just how well we study these successes in order to find out how to replicate them.

    BTW, Justin Bieber’s numbers are a given. 🙂

  2. Why you silly girl ! You would have sent the shawl to me, of course !!n!i!!!!!!!!!!!L!!da, I think these are your best pictures yet. They would make really great greeting cards.

  3. sans oublier, s’il vous plaît, que des 140’000 € par an, il faut payer le loyer et les charges du local du cabinet, il faut payer la secrétaire, qui, elle, ne reçoit sur son compte qu’une petite partie de ce qu’elle coûte… non, ce n’est pas énorme.

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