Syrian Opposition !

Today and from no where this idea came into my mind to take a look at the news about “Syrian Opposition” at last few years, I googled news for “Syrian Opposition” for the period of 5 years from January 2005 to January 2010.

After all with all the bloodshed in Syria I was thinking the “Syrian Opposition” has long tails in history with a very well defined scopes, visions, objectives etc.

Well see the search results for yourself :


Well I could not find 10 important article or news post about “Syrian Opposition” in 5 years Google news archive.

Almost all the news related to “Syrian Opposition” are about “Anti-Syrian Opposition” and “Pro-Syrian Opposition” political groups in Lebanon and it’s too difficult to find a shred of real news about “Syrian Opposition” in Syria itself.  Here I would like to  take your attention to 1st result:


syrian opposition

1st search result; The Domain which was announced as the Syrian opposition new blog in this article is expired by now !


And well at the 4th search result Bush administration comes into the picture 🙂

Syrian Oppositions



At the end I would like to show my respect to all the innocent victims of 9/11 and their families. I wish we never witness such tragedy again, ever.

here is a peace of Independent Newspaper which is so trending on Facebook today.

bin laden

Bin Laden being glorified on “Independent Newspaper” not so long before the tragic 9/11

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